The team at Sawyer is starting summer off by focusing on STEM learning from home! These enriching courses typically teach students problem-solving, teamwork, creative thinking, and much more. 

The amount of online classes for STEM is vast, and it can be hard to figure out what to look for when you’re choosing a class. We’ve pulled together some of our most popular providers.

Online STEM classes for kids

NORY (3 - 12 years old)

All NORY programs take the project-based, experiential learning approach to develop these soft skills. If you want your child to design the future, rather than follow it, join us.

Brooklyn Game Lab (4 - 17 years old)

Think outside of the (game) box and learn how to analyze, discuss and experiment with games in small groups! With Brooklyn Game Lab, kids are encouraged to develop critical-thinking skills like risk and resource management, the art of negotiation and deduction, and long-term planning. 

iCamp (4 - 13 years old)

Children will work with live instructors through comprehensive, fun, and engaging courses on topics like coding, 3D printing, graphic design, video game design, animation, and more!

Girls Take the Lead (9 - 18+ years old)

The mission at Girls Take the Lead is to challenge the leaders of tomorrow to apply STEM + entrepreneurial thinking to develop innovative solutions to real world problems.

STEM Kids NYC (0 - 18+ years old)

STEM Kids NYC bridges the gap between the current school curriculum and the immediate need for schools to prepare students for STEM skills and for jobs that do not yet exist.

Robofun (3 - 12 years old)

Your child will learn about engineering, coding, and creative thinking. The work is based on children’s innate passion and curiosity, allowing children to become makers and designers.

After School Brilliance (ages 2 - 16 years old)

After School Brilliance offers enriching and engaging science, technology, robotics, engineering, art, coding and math programs to young children. After School Brilliance aims to inspire, nurture and grow the critical and emerging skills necessary for success in our digital workforce.

Junior Explorers (0 - 17+ years)

Junior Explorers Enrichment Adventure Club offers fun experiences with a twist! Their programs combine traditional camp activities such as scavenger hunts, cooking, LEGOs, crafts, and games with the latest hands on educational practices. The children wont even know they are learning - they will be too busy having fun!

There are so many wonder-filled STEM classes to explore — your children will foster a sense of curiosity about the world around us while nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills at a young age.