Who says the best needs to come at a cost? Some of the top online kids classes are available to you for under $15. Whether you're searching for storytimes or superhero training, there are tons of budget-friendly classes that will keep your little ones learning and entertained. Check out some of our favorites!

For your artists!

Toddler art online! (1.5 - 4 years) $10
The Craft Studio

Your toddlers will love getting crafty with the Craft Studio! Check out their classes for unique art lessons each week using basic materials. Adult participation is required to help your littles follow along the screen! Discover more classes with The Craft Studio here.

Virtual Painting with Lisa (8 - 18+ years) $10
Paint with Lisa

In this interactive class, Lisa will lead your child step by step through a beautiful yet simple canvas painting. She'll be able to help them with specific questions and offer detailed help, all from the comfort and safety of your own home. Discover more classes with Lisa here.

Plants and Animals (6 - 12 years) $10
Social Studio

This class will be loaded with instruction and inquiry related to all things plants, animals and art! Suggested materials include: pencil and eraser, colored pencils and/or markers, paper and/or sketchbook. Discover more classes with Social Studio here.

Ocean Dioramas (1.5 - 5 years) $10

In this workshop students will embark on an ocean adventure right from home! You'll design an underwater scene using recycled + repurposed materials. These themed workshops focus on skill development, simple repurposed materials and unique ways to engage with our environments. Discover more classes with Minni here.

Art around the world! (4 - 10 years) $10
Private Picassos

Want to take a trip around the world? In this class your children will visit Ghana and create woven Kente Cloths using paper! This new online class will allow students to explore new art techniques, using basic art supplies and household items that we all have on hand. Discover more classes with Private Picassos here.

For the readers and make believers!

Heroes in Training (2 - 6 years) $14.99
The Kidville Playground

Get ready for an adventure of heroic proportions! Your little Heroes in Training, or "HIT Squad" will unlock a new themed adventure and develop their super skills and strength using only their imaginations and their bodies! Discover more classes with Kidville here.

Reading, spelling, and science activities (3 - 12 years) $5
STREAM tutoring classes

Get ready for on-line reading, spelling games, writing practice, songs and a themed science activity using common materials. Discover more classes with STREAM here.

STEM online storytime (3 - 11 years) $10
Astar Explorer

The purpose of this class is to improve language, sharpens your children's memory and creative thinking, and makes them love books. They'll develop creativity and problem solving skills. Discover more classes with Astar Explorer here.

Puppetsburg Livestream! (3 months - 5 years) $14

The shows at Puppetsburg involve dancing, a fresh new story each week, and meeting funcelebri-puppet guests. We guarantee you'll be laughing with your little ones! Discover more classes with Puppetsburg here.

Spanish for little kids (2 - 5 years) $5
Toc Toc Spanish

Teach your little ones Spanish at a young age! Learning it is one of the most useful tools you can give to your children. Either for traveling, studying abroad, enriching their mind and expand the way they learn. Discover more classes with Toc Toc Spanish here.

For the musicians!

Wee Jam Sing Along (0 - 4 years) $10
Little Lola & tots

Don't miss one of the most fun and interactive singalongs! Each session is packed with singing, dancing, stories, puppets, and more. Best for ages 0-4 and their grownups. Discover more classes from Little Lola & tots here.

Lavender Blues Virtual Class (0 - 4 years) $12
Lavender Blues

A virtual music and movement class for babies and toddlers. Join in to sing and play for 40 minutes through music and movement with traditional nursery rhymes as well as original music. Discover more classes from Lavender Blues here.

Virtual Class with Mr. Dave (0 - 6 years) $10
Mr. Dave Music

Mr. Dave goes virtual! Join in for a 30-minute virtual experience streamed from Mr. Dave's home studio. You'll use shakers, scarves and introduce your littles to various sounds so be sure to grab any instruments (or household items) you have at home so your little(s) can play along. Discover more classes from Mr. Dave here.

English Online Music Class (0 - 5 years) $10
Little Parade

Get ready to sing together and bring joy and music into your days at home.This is the perfect time to involve your child's favorite stuffed animal, and even to get creative by using things around the house that can be used as instruments. Discover more classes from Little Parade here.

Ukulele at Play (3 - 7 years) $14
Vibe Studio

Ukuleles at Play is a class designed to encourage the fun and engaging side of music on the ukulele. It includes simple chords, songs, games, song-writing, and whatever may strike the student's fancy! You will need a ukulele! Discover more classes from Vibe Studio here.