Sometimes you need an activity on the fly. Whether you’re looking to knock out some of your own work or make a quick meal for your little ones, 30 minutes of uninterrupted time can help! Trust us...the team at Sawyer knows first-hand. We rounded up some of our favorite providers that often offer some free classes each week. Explore their schedules and offerings below to find the best options to fit your needs. 

Get active!

Buddha Belly
Their yoga company is dedicated to nurturing kids' innate desire for movement and play. Your little ones will explore yoga through poses, movement, and relaxation while having fun and being creative! Their classes balance both structure and spontaneity as they honor each individual's unique energy.

Choreography by Rae
Fun recreational dance and acting classes for kids and teens. Choreography by Rae offers affordable classes that build solid dance technique. Performance opportunities available.

Vagabond has built a nurturing community through their online classes. Explore their meditation for kids in an environment that is one of constant encouragement, support, and positive energy.

Kula Yoga Kids
Online Kids Yoga classes are fun classes that seem more like playtime to the kids than yoga. Their instructors will take the kids through a series of yoga poses all the while teaching them to connect with their inner divine nature.

Storytimes and Creative Writing!

The Wonder
The Wonder Explorers Club is for the intrepid adventurers in all of us. Each week, join them for a new adventure. Magic and wonder is their mission. The Wonder is the best in family-centric adventure, exploration, imagination, and play.

Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA offers both theatrical experiences for families and creative exploration that helps empower young people and emerging artists. Through classes, camps, and other types of creative, peer-to-peer events and activities, students discover their authentic voices and develop a fuller sense of self and community.

The Renaissance Child
The Renaissance Child is a comprehensive enrichment and educational program. Children from ages 1.5 to 10 participate in activity-based classes. Join them for storytime and crafts each week!

Talk to the Camera
Talk to the Camera classes and camps turn screen time into hands-on, interactive play time! Get your little ones in a writing mood with their 30 minutes webinars each week.

Singing and Language! 

Brooklyn Beanstalk
Brooklyn Beanstalk is an arts­‐driven educational organization offering specialized Spanish and French language immersion classes and creative enrichment programs through arts and performances. Enjoy their free puppet shows and book making! 

Tkiya provides participatory music experiences for families. They lead highly interactive music programs for families, and now have great offerings online!

iCanMandarin mission is to provide an innovative and engaging Mandarin learning experience for all students. Every student with iCanMandarin will experience how it feels to use Chinese from day one.

The Music Playhouse of Chicago
High quality, super fun, educational early childhood music classes, birthday parties, and field trips for children ages 0-6!

Art and Cooking!

KoKo NYC is the arts education program of Open Source Gallery, a non-profit arts organization based in Brooklyn. With their classes kids will design and build compound machines with cranks, gears and levers - and design them!

Social Studio
Social Studio is the place for art excellence – the place to explore, engage, experiment, express, exchange, empower, and expand! The results: increased creativity, connection, and community!

Freshmade offers cooking classes for kids in New York City, and now online! Their mission is not only to expose healthy foods to young children, but to also give parents and caregivers ideas of how they can create a love for healthy eating in their children.

Art House Seven
Art House offers classes for ages 2 to adult. All of their teachers come from the art departments of local schools and the local art community so they're pros!

From Scratch Bakers
Chef Arm's virtual and in-classroom cooking classes and camps focus on math, science and creativity through applied learning. Kids will have a blast being real chefs while making and tasting delicious foods and treats FROM SCRATCH.

Looking for more resources and indoor activities? We've compiled some of our favorites here! Maybe you're looking for enriching virtual classes? Tons are here!