Explore the world one
class at a time

Why limit kids’ classes when there’s a whole wide world to discover?


Little Explorers

There’s no such thing as playing without learning. That’s why a world rich with sounds and sights is proven to spur cognitive, social, and physical growth during the critical early childhood development years. So if your little one is having fun then you’ve already won.


Big Explorers

Have you ever tried to find a good (preferably cool) kid’s class near you? It might as well be rocket science. That’s why we started Sawyer: to make scouting instructors, booking classes – and, most importantly, bonding with your babe – as simple as hailing an Uber.


Exploration Guides

The only reason your fun-tastic kids’ classes aren’t maxed out is because parents don’t know you're out there. Let them in on your special blend of education + awesome by being where they are: Sawyer. It’s more than exposure, it’s a bottom-line business builder.

Sawyer reimagined the way parents approach early childhood education in the modern age


We’re a couple of neighbors helping our neighbors. Like sharing some eggs or sugar – but in this case, we’re sharing the whole wide world of nearby kids’ classes, plus a way to access them. What can we say? We just believe in moms and dads helping moms and dads. And helping children discover the world at large by discovering their own communities - just like Mark Twain's curious explorer, Tom Sawyer. When co-founders Stephanie (a Brooklyn mom) and Marissa (a tech upstarter) started Sawyer in October 2015, they just wanted to take the research-vetting-and-check-writing burden off of parents and providers they’d see on Court Street. After all, frolicking-about should be simple, bright and beautiful. Like SAWYER.

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