Sawyer for Enterprise

Reimagined software for children’s activity businesses

Software solutions that make running activities at scale easy-as-pie.
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Scheduling and Registration

Worry-free corporate business management

Spend more time growing your business, not chasing phone calls. Sawyer enables you to collect online registrations and customer information, offer flexible payment types, and engage with customers across limitless locations.
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Business Management

Everything you need, in one place

Think of Sawyer as your complete business toolkit. Manage your schedule, contacts, staff, financials, customer acquisition, and analytics — no spreadsheets required.
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Customer Stories

See how Roads to Success paved their way to financial freedom

  • Recovered $50,000 in revenue
  • Saved their team 50+ calls a month
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“Sawyer is a straight to the point simple tool but at the same time covers every area my business needs.”
“Sawyer has helped me get visibility! No other platform has helped me get students to sign up for classes as Sawyer has done.”
Parent Experience

Simple solutions for scaling businesses

We design nuanced products for the modern business, with thoughtful features that allow your team to understand data, manage multiple programs, and provide perfect registration experiences.
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Pricing and Affordability

Unlimited growth potential

Sawyer doesn’t charge for additional locations, students, or staff which means that your business can scale without hidden fees or costs. Plus, take advantage of our exclusive Marketplace to reach new customers.
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Best-in-class support

Personalized onboarding
Our dedicated onboarding team makes mastering software easier than 1, 2, 3!
Continuing education
From training videos to ongoing webinars, you’ll never miss an opportunity to learn.
Detailed help center
Get step-by-step documentation for every feature. Find answers instantly at any hour.

See Sawyer in Action

See why best-in-class educators and business owners prefer Sawyer.
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More features to love


Schedule your camps, events, semesters, and drop-in activities with just a few clicks.

Promotional Coupons

Acquire new customers and run seasonal promotions with ease.


Schedule tutoring sessions, parent-teacher conferences, and one-on-one enrichment sessions with ease.

Flexible Form Fields

Meet your students before they start class with customizable form fields and family profiles.

Reporting and Dashboards

See your performance at-a-glance, set goals, and get access to your unlimited growth potential.

Gift Cards

Encourage customers to give experiences with customizable digital gift cards.

Automated Payments

Automatically take payments and communicate orders with customers.

We work well with others.

Sawyer seamlessly integrates with your workflow — from seamless schedule embeds to marketing automation integrations.
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Resources for 



Tools and templates to help children’s activity providers in and out of the classroom
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Sawyer is more than just software

We’re your partner in business. Visit our blog for expert insights to help you learn and grow.

Sawyer is more than just software

We’re your partner in business. Visit our blog for expert insights to help you learn and grow.

Sawyer is more than just software

We’re your partner in business. Visit our blog for expert insights to help you learn and grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of enterprise programs does Sawyer support?

We support enterprise programs that work within the children’s activity education industry — and of every size. Whether you specialize in private lessons, camp, or long term enrichment, we have solutions for you!

Can Sawyer migrate my schedule?

Yes! Our team will build your first schedule for you for free.

How is Sawyer priced?

Sawyer is transparently priced and flexible -- we never charge more for additional locations, students, or activities. Our team will work with you to find a price that works for your business, regardless if you’re just starting out or scaling to your 100th location. We also don’t lock you into restrictive contracts.

How can Sawyer help my business grow?

Sawyer improves the customer registration experience and enables you to take bookings, set up your schedules, and seamlessly automate administrative tasks. We offer an exclusive Marketplace that your business can use to reach hundreds of thousands of parents each month.