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Image showing a free trial offer turned on for an Intro to Mandarin class.
Image showing a roster with a student marked as a Free Trial Student with a 5-star parent review "I love that Sam was able to test out the class and instructor"

Find your forever fans

Turning trials on is as easy as pressing a button!
Empower customers to try before they buy
Grow your customer database and broaden your reach
Encourage repeat purchases with automated marketing
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We’ve been super happy with free trials which make it easier to manage more people trying our online classes and enrolling from other states.
Twinkle Toes Dance Academy
We’ve gotten a lot of new great leads from free trials who have been converting, which is great!
Scattered Solutions

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Work with our customer success team to test trials for a variety of activities.

Test what works

Adding trial classes to your schedule is as easy as pressing a button. Test what works and learn from what doesn’t.

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Easily export which customers have taken — and converted — from free trial classes.

Learn with resources

Get all the information you need to succeed with training videos, help center guides, and blogs.

Incentivize conversions

Increase customer conversion by emailing families who have taken a trial class — without clicking a button.

Grow your business

Offer trial classes to turn new customers into lifelong fans.

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Our software saves businesses at least 28 hours a month. Discover how smart software can transform your workflow today!
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From training videos to ongoing webinars, you’ll never miss an opportunity to learn.
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Get instant access to step-by-step documentation for every feature.
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Our dedicated onboarding team makes mastering software easier than 1, 2, 3!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do parents want to book free trial classes? 

In our latest trend report, our team found that the most popular search on the Sawyer Marketplace was free. Use free trials to acquire potential customers and use your marketing to turn them into lifelong fans.

Where can I read more about free trials? 

Find out more on the Sawyer for Business blog!

How can I increase free trial conversion?

Learn expert tips in this blog post.

I’m nervous about offering free trials. Can I talk to someone about how they would work for my business? 

Yes! Book a demo to connect with a member of our team today — we’re happy to brainstorm ideas with you.

Where can I see free trials in action? 

Get in touch with a team member by filling out this form.