It is important for children as young as infants to participate in activities because they help them grow and develop motor skills and language as well as build social connections with other children and adults. 

Lucky for you, there are so many kids activities in Los Angeles that can help your child discover new passions and learn incredible things. To help you find the best classes for your family, we’ve gathered some of our favorite classes in your neighborhood. You can explore thousands of vetted educators and read reviews from parents like you on Sawyer.

Kids activities in Los Angeles

Family activities in Los Angeles

Studies have shown that there are many benefits when caregivers and children attend participatory classes together. Their bond grows stronger, plus the child learns social skills and becomes more used to physical movement and language. Read our article to understand more about how mommy and me classes benefit you and your child, then check out some baby music classes and mommy and me classes in Los Angeles!

Baby music classes & mommy and me classes in Los Angeles

  1. Parent support groups and music classes | A Mother’s Haven (Indoor & outdoor classes in Van Nuys and Encino).
  2. Mommy & me music classes | Miss Harriet & Friends (Outdoor classes in South Pasadena, Culver City, and Glendale).
  3. Interactive music classes | Sweet Potato Music (Indoor & outdoor classes in Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, and Culver City).
  4. Parent & me classes and storytimes | Calabasas Peds (Indoor classes in Calabasas).
  5. Family music classes| Families and Music (Outdoor classes in Mid City and Sherman Oaks).

Learn more about the benefits of music classes for your little one in our article!

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Toddler activities in Los Angeles

Finding classes that your toddler will enjoy might feel overwhelming. Their attention span is often short and everyone knows that an unhappy toddler makes for an unhappy, well, everyone. However, toddler classes are great for their learning and development of physical, mental, and social skills.

To help you find the right classes for your little one, we’ve outlined the best toddler activities in Los Angeles, including toddler art & music classes as well as drop off play centers and activities.

Toddler art & music classes in Los Angeles

  1. Process art & sensory classes | Design Hive (Their studio is located in Mid City).
  2. Ballet, tap, hip hop, and more dance classes | Twinkle Toes Dance Company (Indoor classes in the Arts District and Highland Park). Learn more about the benefits of ballet classes for kids in our article.
  3. STEM and STEAM classes | STEM Babies (Outdoor classes in Fairfax). Read our guide to understand the benefits of STEM & STEAM camps for kids.
  4. Interactive dance classes | Dance with Miss Alice (Indoor & outdoor classes in Santa Monica, Topanga, Venice, and Brentwood). Learn more about the benefits of kids dance classes in our guide.
  5. Art & storytime classes | Romp & Rolick (Indoor classes in Pasadena). Check out our article to see the benefits of art classes.
  6. Mixed media art classes | Petit Bizoo Art Studio (Their studio is located in Encino).

Drop off play centers in Los Angeles

  1. Open play | Tyke Time (Located in San Clemente). Learn about the stages of play development in our article.
  2. Pod-style learning for pre-preschool, transition, and play | Circle Time (Located in Glendora). 
  3. Beginner baseball | Coach Ballgame (Outdoor classes in San Clemente). Check out our guide to see the benefits of playing baseball for kids.
  4. Nature immersion classes | EverWild LA (Outdoor classes in Pasadena, Glendale, Culver City, Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills, and Santa Clarita Valley).
  5. Language immersion classes & camps | Cultural Bytes (Indoor classes in Glendale). Learn more about language immersion for kids in our article.
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Art camps in Los Angeles

If your child loves art, signing them up for an art camp or a semester art program is a great way for them to build time for their passion into their schedule. Plus, when children (and adults) practice a skill weekly or even daily, they are more likely to advance their skills and find more joy in the subject. Check out these art camps in Los Angeles to see which is right for your child.

The Artsy Backyard

What is The Artsy Backyard? 

The Artsy Backyard offers winter day camps and semester-long art programs for children of all ages. Their camps are themed by age and topic and they offer fun types of activities like Pokemon art, fine art, mixed media art, drawing, and painting. 

What age group can take The Artsy Backyard art camps and classes?

Ages 0-18+

Where is The Artsy Backyard?

La Brea, Los Angeles

Book The Artsy Backyard art camps and classes

What is Viridian Art? 

With winter break camp and semester-length classes, children learn a variety of techniques and media in the Viridian Art studio. They build skills in sketching, composition, shading, color mixing, and actually creating finished works of art. 

What age group can take Viridian Art art camps and classes?

Ages 2-18+

Where is Viridian Art?

Viridian Art has studios in Agoura Hills and Tarzana.

Book Viridian Art camps and classes

What is Sofia’s Workshop? 

Sofia’s Workshop offers arts & crafts camps and classes for children of all ages. They learn the elements of art, how to paint and draw, paper crafts, sculpture, and matchbox crafting. Their goal is to help children find their passions while exploring their creativity through a combination directed-projects and process-art.

What age group can take Sofia’s Workshop art camps and classes?

Ages 5-18+

Where is Sofia’s Workshop?

Sofia’s Workshop offers classes at studios in Sherman Oaks and Encino.

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Photo of art camps in Los Angeles

With this list and the additional classes offered on the Sawyer marketplace, you should be confident in your search for great enriching kids activities in Los Angeles. Remember: when booking classes and activities for your children, try to include them in the decision process (depending on age, of course) so that you know they will be excited and have fun in the class. We can’t wait to see what your family does!

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