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Provider Spotlight: Performing and Visual Arts Educators

Sawyer is made up of a community of awesome educators, each with their own expertise and passions. In April we held an engaging webinar where performing and visual arts providers shared their best practices, tips for growth, and business strategies. Our panelists included Elisa Pupko, Founder and CEO of Treasure Trunk Theatre; Nafisa Husain, Founder of Studio Nafisa; and Karen Gladis, Founder of Twinkle Toes Dance Company. Discover what they had to say! 

How do you connect with your local community?

“Scouts programs have art related merit badges. We tap into these badges and offer classes for troops at discounted rates. While they’re taking the class at the studio, we’re able to cross promote our program. We also use these classes to build our email list.” - Studio Nafisa

“The more people that see your product in action the better. We always donate a birthday party for school or community auctions, and then we get exposure through that birthday when parents attend the party.” - Treasure Trunk Theatre

“Have events at your space: hosting parties, holiday events, and creating the community within the space is just as important as outreach.” -Twinkle Toes Dance Company

How do you segment your audience to personalize your marketing?

“When we announce specific classes we pull age groups and send communications to those specific segments so people don’t get overwhelmed.” - Treasure Trunk Theatre

“We have three different programs, each with their own value set. We have two different websites and social presences, so that we can target and market to each specific group since families are looking for different things for different aged children. Each group also helps market to each other.” -Twinkle Toes

How do you differentiate your business?

"Always give families more than they expect. This carries through our communication and interaction with parents. We aim to be approachable; parents can ask questions and get instant answers. We also have the parent community act as volunteers. The more parents are involved, the more likely they’re going to share their experience with others.” - Studio Nafisa

Want more insights? Access the full webinar recording here

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