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How Studio 7 for Her managed rush registration and scaled with Sawyer

Studio 7 for Her
Katy, Texas
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When Allie decided to open Studio 7 for Her, her inspiration was simple – she wanted to create a dance experience for dancers, parents, and teachers that embodied newness, inclusivity, simplicity, and professionalism. What started as a hope to create a new dance experience also allowed for a shift inside of the community of studio dancers and educators. Allie set an initial goal of 50 students and after partnering with Sawyer, has grown that to thousands.


In August 2020, Allie was days away from opening her dance studio in Katy, Texas. Starting a studio during a pandemic was one challenge among many. To successfully take registrations, manage client communications, and automate administrative tasks, Studio 7 for Her needed software. 

Furthermore, the opening day of a new and exciting community studio meant rush registration — an industry term that often refers to the busiest day of the year when parents book classes for their children. Without a software solution to process payments and customer bookings, rush registration can be stressful. 

With a studio opening getting close, Allie’s team went in search of software that could do it all — take registrations, process payments, bill customers monthly, and scale alongside a business with growth goals already set.


After months of software research, Allie’s team found Sawyer. After scheduling a demo call, Studio 7 for Her decided to partner with Sawyer just in time for their business launch (and rush registration). Seeing Sawyer in action, kicking off training, and getting a Sawyer schedule built took less than a day. Allie’s business set a simple goal: acquire 50 students. They’ve since exceeded their goal by 250%. 

Beyond exceeding customer acquisition goals, partnering with Sawyer has allowed Allie’s program to experience unprecedented growth — growing financially by 140% within the first six months of 2021. 

“After months of researching and doing every ‘software trial’ offer out there, my husband found Sawyer. We immediately scheduled a Calendly appointment to learn more, and I've been hooked ever since.” — Allie, Founder of Studio 7 for Her

Studio 7 for Her uses Sawyer to redefine dance for children — starting with toddlers through high school-aged dancers. By educating and empowering dancers, Allie’s studio provides a pre-professional experience for all skill levels. Furthermore, their warm attitude welcomes all students. It’s no surprise that despite starting a dance studio during a pandemic, Allie has had unprecedented success and growth within her community.

Sawyer has grown my business in ways I never thought possible. I'm excited to watch it continue to flourish inside of all the many things Sawyer continues to implement! Without Sawyer, my business would not be where it is today.
Allie, Founder of Studio 7 for Her

When we sat down to talk to Allie about her business growth, we asked what her biggest success was and she said “I created, developed, and opened a dance studio inside a global pandemic, and it worked.” There’s something to be said for programming that resonates with a community and Sawyer is honored to be part of Allie’s business owner journey. 

“Sawyer has been with us since day one and has made growing my dance studio possible, and I do believe that without this platform, we would not be where we are today. “ — Allie, Founder of Studio 7 for Her

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