Big dashboards for small businesses.

Grow your business from seedling
to sprout, with data at your fingertips.

Big dashboards for small businesses.

Grow your business from seedling to sprout, with data at your fingertips.
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Instant Data-fication

Get a pulse on your business in seconds — no spreadsheets or downloads required. 
Lace up for success!

Step Into Action

See your revenue, enrollment, and customer trends and where to optimize for even better results.
Bring your dreams of growth to life.

Let's Get Growing

As your business grows, so does your data. Dynamic views show how you’re growing so you can optimize for it.
Set and accomplish financial goals
Take the first steps towards exceeding your goals! View your daily, weekly, and annual revenue, view performance, and get quick links to important reports.
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Skyrocket enrollment
Discover the data behind your out-of-this-world activities in the enrollment dashboard. See what time slots, activities, and semesters perform best for your business.
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Get to know your customers
See the true value that relationships bring to your business. Discover who your top customers are, how many activities they book, and key insights to help you grow relationships.
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