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After School Programming
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After School Programming

The International Charter School of New York re-imagined their after school offerings through a partnership with Sawyer


The International Charter School is a growing elementary school teaching children from kindergarten through fourth grade. At ICS, success means three things: a comprehensive and coherent curriculum, a strong focus on character, and a student body reflective of their community.

After partnering with Sawyer, the International Charter School was able to increase their programming by 600%, with all the teachers managing their own enrollment so the administration can focus on growing the school.
teacher-led after school programs

outsourced much of the programming to contractors off school grounds


As a new and growing institution, the administration is extremely busy, so when the question of after school programming came up from parents, they had to outsource it to providers who could pick up the children after the school day ended.

This created a logistical nightmare for parents when it came to picking their children up from multiple different locations, and it became clear that this was a major consideration when busy parents are choosing a school to send their children to.

What’s more, the ICS teachers were more than capable of running their own programming, but without a dedicated After School Coordinator, they couldn’t find support in registering students, taking payments, and managing the day-to-day, so only two teachers were offering after school programming on the school’s campus.
increase in program offerings
2 to 14


The International Charter School and their parent community were searching for a tool to empower their teachers, and satisfy parents by offering more variety in programming at the school’s campus.

Together with the ICS parent community, Sawyer helped any teacher interested in setting up their class offerings on Sawyer Tools, which increased their after school offering from two programs to fourteen in just a few days.

The parent response has been overwhelmingly positive – parents feel comfortable having teachers they know and love provide after school options. They love the variety and they love that it takes place on school grounds!

Jaclyn Carter
ICS Family Organization

Teachers at ICS are now able to set up their own classes and manage enrollment without any support from the administration, all while delighting parents along the way.

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