There's no doubt that these past few months have been a major adjustment for families. The disruption to our routines has certainly created lots of stress for many — and not just for parents, but children, too. However, through play and fun, many of these stresses can be subsided! 

The team at Sawyer has been working on ways to cope with the changes. Keeping a routine in place, practicing physical activity, and helping our children (and us) stay connected with others have all helped! During these times it’s natural to feel anxious, and we’ve found that practicing mindfulness through classes has been effective. Take a look at a few of our favorites broken up by activities for your littles, for parents, and the entire family.

For your littles

The Wonder
Magic and wonder are their mission. Your little ones will get best-in-class family-centric adventure, exploration, imagination, and play. We love their glowtime activity which melds movement and mindfulness. 

Buddha Belly Kids 
Nurturing kids' innate desire for movement and play. You’ll explore yoga through poses, movement, and relaxation while getting creative and having fun! Their movement and mindfulness class keeps spirits high.

For the parents

Little Feet Wise Heart Yoga
Yoga with Little Feet Wise Heart is always restorative. Their classes for adults are a great way to unwind. We’ve loved their Weekly Sweet Restorative classes because, at the end of a long day, it’s important to breathe, slow it down for a moment, and reconnect to your true self. 

Art House Seven
Unwind at the end of your day with art. Art House Seven will teach the basics of drawing and improving your skills. We love their beginner drawing classes because it’s an easy way to get creative and zone out at night (after the little ones are asleep!).  

For the family

The Connected Chef
If you’re eating meals might as well have some fun cooking them together! The Connected Chef will help you take a moment to take a breath and connect with your kids instead of the ever-present struggle of mealtime. For that reason, we love their family cooking classes.

Yama Kids Yoga
Yoga is a family affair with Yama Kids. Bring along the entire crew with their family yoga offering. You’ll take time to re-focus as a family, mediate, and hopefully...relax a bit!  

Whether you're looking for activities for your little ones, for yourself, or the whole family, taking time to unwind is important for all ages! If you're looking for more activities you can do together as a family at home, we have a great list here. Maybe you're looking for enriching virtual classes? Head here!