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5 ways a class management system delights families

If you run a children’s activity business, you know that the most important element of success is great relationships with your students and their families. As your business grows and your customer base increases, you might find it more difficult to maintain the same level of connection with your students. 

However, if you utilize a class management system like Sawyer, you can ensure that families will continue to get great service and attention even as your enrollment numbers skyrocket. In this guide, we’ll outline 5 ways that a class management system can help you delight families and keep them coming back! 

5 ways a class management system delights families

Simple registration process

Oftentimes, new businesses start by taking class registration information via phone or email. Then, they copy over all of the important details about each student into a spreadsheet for the instructor to review in the class session and during dropoff and pickup. Finally, they have to ask each parent or caregiver to bring checks, credit cards, or Venmo payments to the class and chase down those that don’t pay on time.

With a class registration and management system like Sawyer, you can take all of the manual labor out of that process! Sawyer takes registrations directly and automatically includes all of the important information, like child’s nickname, pronouns, pickup and dropoff guardians, birthdays, and more, in the roster. This creates a much better and more seamless experience for both parents and instructors. It’s a win-win!

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Digital payments and flexible options

Not only does Sawyer take registrations directly, but it also takes digital payments with the registration information. It’s actually a requirement in order to make the booking, so business owners never need to chase down another check!

Plus, the Sawyer class management system provides flexible payment options that business owners can choose to apply to their classes. These options include semester and drop-in pricing, buy now, pay later (BNPL) options like payment plans and class packs as well as gift cards, memberships, free trials, sibling discounts, and more. When providers give these options, parents take them. In our 2022 Children’s Activity Business Trend Report, we found that 18% of parents utilized a BNPL option when making a purchase on Sawyer. 

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Multiple programming choices

Along with the payment options, Sawyer also allows business owners to offer multiple choices for their programming. For example, a parent can book a class as part of a semester, drop-in, or even a free trial. These options can all be offered on the same class listing, providing important flexibility for busy families.

When you give families flexibility, they are more likely to make the decision to book your activity. Luckily, with a class management system like Sawyer, all you need to do is check an extra box and add pricing information to offer these additional options. 

Automatically collect important information

Maintaining strong relationships with your students and their families is more than just removing the frustration from the registration and payment processes. Greeting students and parents when they walk in, knowing their names, nicknames, and pronouns, being able to easily and safely check students in and out, and remembering birthdays, allergies, and other important information are all part of delighting families and making strong connections.

With Sawyer, you can require all of the questions you need answered when parents and caregivers register their children for your activities. Then, their responses are automatically added to the class roster! Instructors can easily see this important information when they review the roster before and during their class. Information won’t get lost in the shuffle because it is added automatically!

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Less frustration during high demand booking times

Many children’s activity businesses open registration for high demand activities like summer camp and after school programming at one time, causing a rush of bookings and potential technical issues. This causes a huge amount of frustration for parents who are trying with all their might to book but being thwarted. Likewise, providers struggle during these rush registrations because they are dealing with angry parents, broken or slow systems, and potential loss of business.

Sawyer is a class management system that is built specifically for children’s activity businesses. Therefore, we know the difficulties that come during rush registration and high demand booking times. We provide additional technical and account management support to businesses during these times to reduce frustrations and website issues. Parents and providers can breathe a sigh of relief.

There are so many benefits of class management and registration software to families and providers! If you are looking to find the perfect registration system for your children’s activity business, look no further than Sawyer!

With our suite of tools, like custom forms to record allergies and t-shirt sizes, flexible payment options like gift cards and installment plans, and seamless scheduling and registration on any device, Sawyer saves business owners 28 hours per month. If you are ready to spend less time on admin and more time doing more of what you love, see how Sawyer can help with a free trial or demo.

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