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Bringing The Sparkle To Summer

The countdown to summer has officially started! The details may feel hazy as families navigate this new normal — but summer still matters. From camps to vacations, it’s a time to relax and enjoy, a time to reset as a family. Although this summer looks different, the season is still the time to try new things and build forever friendships through shared experiences. 

While Covid-19 has reshaped how families will experience this summer, the core of what summer represents is still intact. Summer can be magical for families  — whether in-person, online, socially distanced, or connected despite the distance —   but that magic starts with educators like you. 

We’re proposing a new goal for summer 2020: create a summer that supports both families and children’s activity providers alike and hopefully have a little fun accomplishing it. 

How to create a supportive summer

A supportive summer meets your customers where they are. When it comes to a clear marketing strategy, the conversation has to start by understanding your target audience and identifying their immediate needs. 

Your summer marketing messaging should outline the ways your business can support decision making for families. If you attended our recent summer strategy webinar, you’ll remember that customer surveys are a great tool to help you identify the problems that you can solve. Send a survey and look at the words frequently used in your customer reviews and survey responses. For example, if families comment about their children feeling fatigued from screen time, make sure to highlight non-screen activities and options in your marketing materials

Easing worries during uncertain times  

If you peek into any mom board or group, you’ll see ‘SOS topics’ that are frequently discussed. If you aren’t on these groups, don’t worry — we’ve done research and compiled discussion topics for you below. Weave these problems and solutions into your marketing messaging to show that you hear the concerns of your community and have solutions. Make sure to outline and illustrate your unique solutions for parents this summer — you’re in the business of relationship building and should never lose sight of that. 

S.O.S. topics from parents 


Even if businesses are able to reopen this summer, parents need to feel that their children are safe. Your messaging must highlight how you will keep kids safe and healthy — whether in-person or online. If you’re taking summer online, establish a clear schedule of activities while limiting screen time. Don’t forget to factor in breaks for lunch and snacks to help parents manage a new online routine. 

Outdoor space vs online screen time 

Summer is all about sunshine and warm weather. When weather is nice, families want to be outside to enjoy the outdoors but inclement weather will still happen and not every child has the ability to travel this summer. Don’t fight the nice weather - remind parents that you’ve got their indoor, rainy, and humid days covered - no sunscreen required. 


Families want to maintain friendships and connection despite social distancing. Show ways that your program encourages socialization such as small group breakouts, virtual events and celebrations!  Remember that your online options extend the reach of your community and can foster forever friendships that span across state lines.

Share ways that customers can help you

Remember, this summer is all about support for you too! Make sure to highlight the ways that your community can show support to you and your business. 

Gift cards

Don’t take our word for it, hear what other educators have to say about gift cards.

Positive reviews

Taking the time to review a small business goes a long way. Make sure to highlight the ways or sites a customer can review your business - such as Sawyer’s built in reviews or Google My Business.


Are you a non-profit? Make sure to let families know how they can donate to your fundraising efforts at this time.

Spread the word

Things are more fun with friends! If families have enjoyed their experiences with you, the best way to help out is to tell a few friends about your business. While word of mouth is great, they can share a registration link or tag your business in a social post - no gesture is too small.

Spread the word about your summer programming

Ready to kickoff a supportive and ever-so-fun summer? We can’t wait to see what you have in store. We’ll be showcasing our provider community through thoughtfully curated options for parents throughout the summer. Be sure to let us know what magic you have up your sleeve for a chance to be shared with thousands of parents across the country!

Planning something wonder-full?

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