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Now that you’ve learned the ins-and-outs of hosting virtual classes, let’s discuss the ways to share your content.

You can:

  • Share a direct link to a recording after hosting your activity
  • Gradually release content on a scheduled basis if you’re using memberships to give exclusive email access
  • Pre-record a series of videos to be shared as a playlist or library 
  • Share worksheets, recorded music, supply lists, and printable materials that families can do together at home even if they aren’t able to attend 

When it comes to building and sharing digital content, the more creative, the better! Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm with your team — we can’t wait to see what you create!

Are you a music or performing arts provider?

Are you ready to put on a show? Develop content so the fans can join along with you - from original songs to favorite class segments! Record your playlist in advance and share lyric sheets or prop ideas with your home audience. 

You can also offer group or private lessons through video conferencing as long as students have the necessary materials or instruments available. 

Are you a language or enrichment provider? 

Get ready for Reading Rainbow worthy content! Consider creating a series of story time or your most popular segments from class. Supplement videos with written content containing tips for parents who want to continue the learning at home.

If you want to experiment with live classes, offer live storytime or an engaging play experience! You can go the traditional route of filming yourself reading or engaging with the camera or share your screen to allow parents to follow along with an e-book or presentation.

Are you a culinary arts provider? 

At Sawyer, we’re obsessed with Bon Appetit videos. If you’re a cooking provider, now is the time to channel your favorite famous chef! Create video content to walk students through recipes or step-by-step tips by hosting live sessions or pre-recording videos. For longer recipes, you may want to use iMovie or another simple video editing software to 

You can also share simple meal prep recipes for students or families to cook while they’re learning from home. Take advantage of file sharing services to help organize their weekly grocery lists well in advance. 

Are you a fitness, athletics, or sports provider?

Let’s get physical! Record warm-ups, stretches, exercises, games, and other at-home friendly segments of class to encourage families to move together. 

If you want to offer live sessions, think about how families can use their home space to move and groove. We love the idea of using video conferencing tools to host daily live workouts, skills classes, and private coaching sessions!

Are you a fine arts, craft, or sewing provider?

It’s time to channel your inner Bob Ross. Showcase your best DIY projects, crafts, and in-depth techniques like you would see on popular Instagram stories and YouTube channels.

Send parents a list of materials in advance — consider linking to other small businesses that they can support or encourage them to order supplies using Amazon Smile, which gives back portions of a sale to a selected non-profit. 

Are you a STEM provider?

Step aside Bill Nye the Science Guy. Parents and children will love turning their home into a science classroom!

Thinking of going live? You can host a demo of an experiment using materials that can be found in any household and host a Q&A session about a scientific topic or math concept. 

Sharing is caring

As you build up your digital offerings, you’ll want to create a centralized library of content for easy access. You can host your videos and share links with your customers using sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, and Google Drive. If you would like your material to be available to the public, you might want to create a page on your website for families to view. Looking to limit access? No problem - you can password protect content or limit access by only sharing the link with specific families. 

If you plan on sharing content with your families and fans at this time, let us know! We’re here to help spread the word. If you’re already on Sawyer Tools, learn how to make your activity an “online” class to be automatically listed on If you’re not using Sawyer Tools yet, fill out this form to be included in our list of businesses offering online options for parents. 

The Sawyer guide to online education

Check out our resources for educators creating digital classes. 

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