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Study notes: The COVID-19 vaccine guide for childcare educators

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With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, teachers, school staff, and childcare workers across the country are eligible to receive the vaccine to protect themselves against the virus. As educators, we know you probably have questions about when you can receive the vaccine and if you’ll be eligible. We put together this guide with resources and answers to common questions to help you see if and when you'll be eligible in your state.

How to get vaccinated

Vaccine programs are opening up for teachers and educators across the country. While healthcare workers and older people are among the first people to get their shot, teachers and educators are on many priority lists. Efforts to rapidly vaccinate educators are underway. To find out where you can get your shot, see below:

This site will help you navigate the stock status of vaccines. Keep in mind that information is different on a state to state basis, so make sure to monitor it.

Federal retail pharmacy program trusted source 

On this site you’ll be able to track down vaccines with participating pharmacies. Click on the state in which you live to see the pharmacies taking part in the program.

Information and tools to help you find out where to get vaccinated near you, as well as tips for making an appointment.

Who determines the eligibility for covid-19 vaccine?

While the CDC has guidelines for who should be vaccinated, eligibility ultimately comes down to the states. The pharmacy partners will focus on vaccinating all individuals based on the state-selected criteria. For more information, head to this portion of the CDC’s site.

Can a caregiver get the COVID-19 vaccine?

In the states in which some caregivers can get vaccinated, eligibility often depends on the person they care for. In some states, like South Carolina, family caregivers of children with serious medical conditions can get vaccinated but not those who care for adults.

When it comes to finding answers, it’s best to contact your local health departments and ask if family caregivers are eligible for the vaccine. If you have specific questions about vaccines as it pertains to caregivers, you can also contact Caregiver Action Network’s caregiver help desk at 855-227-3640. The help desk also has a live chat and email option.

The best preparation families can take for getting a vaccine is making sure they’re casting a wide enough net of options. From state run clinics to pharmacies, there’s not only one place you can get your vaccine. Here are some best practices:

  • In some states you can be notified when you are eligible. See if you can sign up with your local health department to be notified.
  • Many drugstores and pharmacies have forms you can fill out either in-person or over the phone to be contacted for eligibility updates.

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