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Tools Tips: The Customer Insights Dashboard

The customer insights dashboard helps you get to know your customers on a deeper level which is what this business is all about! Here you’ll find at-a-glance insights for average customer spend, average number of customer bookings, and track growth for net new, enrolled, and existing customers over time. You can also browse our canned parent and child contact reports for easy access to download email lists and apply filters such as sort by age, birthday, and more. 

Consider this dashboard as a companion feature to your main contacts tab and roster reports — use it to get a quick visual representation for overall customer trends and top spenders. Know that you’ll still need downloadable reports to get nitty-gritty details like form field information such as allergies, add-on purchasers, and birthday.

Now onto the fun part — let’s explore the various graphs and charts you can access in the enrollment dashboard. 

Customer Value Section

Identifying your loyal customers starts by getting to know more about them and their purchasing or booking behavior. The customer value section shows which customers are the most valuable to a provider by displaying a list of top customers by $ spend or top customers by number of total bookings. 

The customer data point displayed in the top right corner changes depending on the view selected.

  • When sorting by Bookings, the total Average Bookings becomes the value displayed.
  • Average Bookings value refers to the total number of bookings divided by the total number of paying customers.
  • When sorting by $ Spend, Average Spend becomes the value displayed.
  • Average Spend value refers to the total $ amount spent divided by the total number of paying customers.

Use the Select Year Filter to view average customer spend and average number of bookings per customer for all years applicable. Keep in mind, your customer list will continue to grow the longer you’re using Sawyer! 

Customer Growth Section

If you’ve ever wondered how many new customers you’ve added over time compared to the number of actively enrolled customers, this chart is for you. The customer growth chart is intended to show the growth of a business’ customer list and through visual representation for new, existing, and enrolled customers out of the total existing customer base for the business. 

  • The Total Customers value is the total number of customers (parents and children) at the end of the selected time period.
  • The Net New value is the total number of members created during the selected time period. 

The specific definitions for customers are as follows:

  • New Customer Refers to a count of customers accounts created during the given time frame. 
  • Existing Customer — Refers to a count of existing customers (any new customers from the previous time period roll over to existing customers once a new month starts)
  • Enrolled Customer — Refers to the total number of individual customers enrolled for the given time frame.

You can change the view of the chart by applying the Yearly or Custom date range filters using the dropdown menus. You can also ‘zoom in’ on a specified time frame by dragging the track bar at the bottom of the chart. 

Hover over a point in the chart to see the total breakdown of customers for that data point! Remember that the data in the chart is always inclusive of the customer data from the starting date of your selected time frame.

Want to learn more about our newest dashboards release? Check out our help center to get started! 

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