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Tools Tips: The Revenue Dashboard

The revenue dashboard empowers you to take the first steps towards understanding the top line revenue trends for your business. Here you’ll find at-a-glance insights for average revenue and revenue growth over time, quick links to our existing financial reports, and a customizable goal setting section to help you plan for big things to come.

Consider this dashboard as a companion feature to our existing banking and orders reports - use it to get a quick visual representation of your business’s day-to-day gross revenue but know that you’ll still need the downloadable reports for the nitty-gritty details like refunds, fees, and deposit dates.

Now onto the fun part — let’s explore the various graphs and charts you can access in the revenue dashboard. 

Average Revenue Section

Average revenue refers to the average gross revenue collected during your Sawyer tenure. These averages begin to calculate as soon as you receive your first order and adjust over time — the longer you’re using Sawyer, the more insights you’ll gain!

  • Daily = Total revenue / divided by number of days since first order 
  • Monthly = Total revenue / divided by number of months since first order
  • Yearly = Total revenue / divided by number of years since first order

Goals Section

Get ready to grow! Your first step to ‘growing’ places is through thoughtful goal setting. Here you can set yearly, monthly, and daily revenue goals to display directly on your dashboard. You can take a ‘set it and forget it’ approach or revisit and modify your goals at any time. 

Once set, the goals section will show a progress bar for each of the designated timeframes. The yearly view will reflect the current year, the monthly view will reflect the current month, and — you guessed it — the daily view reflects the current day. 

If you want to hide a specific goal, for example daily, simply change the value to “0” to display only the goals you want to see. 

Revenue Growth Section

Once you’ve set your goals and have started collecting revenue, you’ll be able to use this section to understand how your top line revenue and number of orders change over time. 

  • The Revenue value refers to the total sum of all orders — including discounts applied — and installments paid in the specific time period. It does not reflect any pending or future installments. 
  • The Total Orders value is the total numerical count of orders received in that specific time period. 

You can change the view of the chart by applying the Yearly, Monthly or Custom date range filters using the dropdown menus. You can also ‘zoom in’ on a specified time frame by dragging the track bar at the bottom of the chart. 

Hover over a point in the chart to see the total revenue value of that data point! Remember that the data in the chart is always inclusive of the revenue collected from the starting date of your selected time frame.

Want to learn more about our newest dashboards release? Check out our help center to get started! 

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