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Tools Tips: The Enrollment Insights Dashboard

At the heart of every children’s activity business is enrollment! The enrollment insights dashboard unlocks key metrics for your top performing activities and enrollment trends over time. Here you’ll find at-a-glance insights for average enrollment for semesters and camps, view activity performance and sort by highest % of bookings, % capacity filled, and % waitlist. You can also browse our canned reports for easy access to help you analyze additional metrics for your business’ scheduled offerings.

Consider this dashboard as a companion feature to your upcoming view and semester/camp enrollment reports — use it to get a quick visual representation for overall enrollment trends. You’ll still need downloadable reports to get the nitty-gritty details like specific activity booking history or to review past activity data.

Now onto the fun part — let’s explore the various graphs and charts you can access in the enrollment dashboard. 

Average Enrollment Section

Average enrollment refers to the total students enrolled divided by the total capacity of all activities for either semesters or camps for a given year. 

This chart shows the total overall enrollment % of your total capacity — aka how full were your activities for the time frame. You can view data for both booking types (Semester or Camps).

This data will help you identify areas of opportunity. If you have a higher % capacity remaining, then you know you need to increase the number of bookings to help fill the remaining spots available. If your enrollment % is close to your capacity, you may need to add additional activities to prevent overcrowding or running out of available options for families. 

Use the Select Year Filter to view enrollment averages for all years applicable to get a snapshot of all activity enrollment data within the specific annual timeframe.  Remember, the longer you’re using Sawyer, the more insights you’ll gain! 

Activity Performance Section

Activity performance intends to show the health and status of currently in-progress and immediately upcoming scheduled activities. It does not look at past activity performance or activities scheduled in the distant future. 

The Schedule Type filter allows you to drill down the activity list by booking types (Semesters or Camps), or include all activities regardless. 

  • The Activities Count value refers to the number of current and upcoming activities based on the Schedule Type selection.
  • The Enrolled value is the total count of bookings (not unique individuals booked), based on the selected Schedule Type, for all in progress and upcoming activities. 

The Sort By dropdown allows you to customize your view in a variety of ways:

  • Select Bookings to sort by activities with the highest total of bookings per activity — consider this your snapshot of most popular activities! 
  • Select % filled to sort by the activities that were the most ‘full’ — consider this an area of opportunity to add new days/times to add overall capacity if programs are close to full. 
  • Select Waitlisted to sort by the total number of waitlisted students for a given activity — waitlists are super helpful data to see where you may need to add additional space for future schedules.

Want to learn more about our newest dashboards release? Check out our help center to get started! 

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